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Our conference facilities in downtown Las Vegas have become highly sought-after. Our customers have been hosting their conferences at Art Houz for various reasons.

  • Some like that it’s off the strip. The Las Vegas strip is certainly a fun and unique area but many of our conference customers report that it has become somewhat stale for conference attendees so in looking at nearby areas, downtown has become quite sought-after for a more unique setting.
  • Some like that it’s more intimate. For those hosting smaller conferences, Art Houz allows them the opportunity to setup in several areas depending on how much space they need. Having a larger area (The Studio) on the 3rd floor combined with a smaller gathering space (Palate Bar & Restaurant) allows for some great flexibility in layout depending on your conference needs. Add to that the options of including any one of our 8 Theaters for smaller groups or breakout rooms and you’ve got a winning combination.
  • Some like that it’s more cost-effective. Venues in Las Vegas can be incredibly expensive and some prohibitively so. Being able to be in Las Vegas and still having a get-together without breaking the bank has been important for companies, families or friend gatherings.

tWe’ve got a large room for keynotes and several theaters that serve as perfect breakout or individual sessions. All rooms have screens and audio for presenters. Wifi is available for all guests and catering is available for all sizes and conference needs. Come and join us for your next conference.

Our venue can host anywhere from 10 through to 400 people. Take advantage of The Studio (our largest rental space), our Palate Bar & Restaurant (which can be rented out for occasions), or leverage any of our 8 theaters.

We wanted our conference to be downtown to mix things up and because it’s a great area. Art Houz had the size and type of facilities that we need and the staff helped us to make it a memorable conference for all attendees”

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814 S. 3rd Street, Las Vegas Nevada 89101

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